Driving to Morzine

If you are planning on driving from Geneva to Morzine, there are various routes you can take.  The most straightforward is to hit the motorway (approx. journey time 1hour 30mins)

  1. Start by heading out of the rental car level (level -2) of the Geneva airport car park.
  2. Join a slip-road just after the final barrier and go through a couple of sets of traffic lights.
  3. Stay in the left hand lane, then as you head under an overpass, turn left following the sign for “France”.
  4. You’ll then turn next right onto the sliproad down to the motorway. Through a couple of tunnels, through the boarder with France.
  5. Just after the boarder, you join up with the A40 motorway in the direction of Chamonix (i.e. heading left/east) and follow this all the way down to exit number 18 at Cluses.  Follow the signs for Taninges/Les Gets/Morzine.
  6. At Taninges, don’t miss the turning left just after the major junction, signposted towards Les Gets. If you went straight on you’d end up in Samoens – a nice place to go but not ideal if you’re trying to get to Morzine.
  7. After the turn off, you just follow the road up to Les Gets and through on to Morzine.

We’d also recommend the route round the lake from the airport along to Thonon-Les-Bains then turning south up the valley to Morzine as a very scenic route, especially in spring and autumn, although this one takes a little bit longer.

For alternative routes that are marginally shorter but more convoluted, try the following links:

•    Google Maps

•    Via Michelin

•    Drive-Alive




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